Chinese censor journalists

Sixty years of news media and censorship, this is a great summary of the nature of the media in China since the founding of socialism China in 1949. “Journalists and bloggers nowadays are no longer locked in a totalitarian grip but the censorship has never stopped. The Communist Party continues to exercise direct control over the news agency Xinhua, newspapers such as People’s Daily, and the national broadcaster CCTV.”  Reporters without Borders said.

            In fact, China does not lack the brave reporters to explore the truth and report the truth. However, Chinese journalists “lived in permanent fear of arbitrary repression orchestrated by the regime.” Liu Jianjiang, a Chinese journalist, he said It’s the huge interest groups out there harming China’s journalism environment. From local governments to companies and corporations, there are huge stakes in maximizing profit. He also gives an example, “when a colleague and I were reporting about the Tiger Leaping Gorge dam in Yunnan province” Liu said, “My colleague was detained for four hours and when we did publish the article, the hydropower company called us and told me that the report was false and asked us to issue a public apology.”

            The Internet and use of mobile phones provide a few avenues to get around the censors despite the efforts of the Chinese central government.

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