Hyperlocal News Site

What is hyperlocal journalism anyway? It focuses on local news versus national news in a form of citizen journalism.

Web start-up companies are designing hyperlocal news sites. These sites allow viewers to zoom in on what is happening closest to them.      

Hyperlocal Sites


Journalist, Pekka Pekkala, attended an ONA10 hyperlocal news site conference in Washington D.C. He listened as veterans of the hyperlocal scene shared their experiences and failures. Pekkala elaborates on the top 10 topics discussed.

1. Successful doesn’t mean beautiful

2. Legal stuff isn’t rocket science

3. There is no such thing as free content

4. Follow the data

5. Focus on money from day one

6. Advertisers are buying your audience, not funding your stories

7. Grants don’t come for free

8. Focus on multiple revenue models

9. Technology should be fast and cheap

10. Stop whining and just do it

 Most hyperlocal businesses are run by a small staff of professional journalist. According to Michael Mumper, he sees hyperlocal fulfilling seven categories: new traditionals, community, micro local, niche, mini sites, local news system, and aggregators.  

If a small town newspaper goes down the drain, hyperlocal news sites might be the next step to moving forward.

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