Social media news sources raise journalism questions

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Almost all news sources have begun to post their news onto social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, and journalists following them are starting to face problems said Joe Grimm, a contributor for

Journalists are underfire by people who don’t agree they should be following certain pages on their personal Facebook or Twitter account, even after they post at the top of their site that they are a journalist and may be following certain pages strictly for business said Grimm.

Another issue according to Grimm is that journalists are starting to feel that their independence is being taken away from them when they “friend,” “fan” or “like” certain Facebook sites or follow a certain Twitter account just so they can keep up with the news it allocates.

Journalist Lisa Halverstadt thinks social media sites are helpful and said she “has gotten a sense of where people stand on an issue, and Facebook enriches her understanding. It is a necessary tool for her.”

If a journalist posts very clearly on their page that they are a journalist and they follow certain pages strictly for business they shouldn’t face any problems because they are letting the public know. It can be a very helpful source for collecting and spreading news, yet still lets you show your personality.

Do you think it’s a problem for journalists to follow news sources on Facebook and Twitter for business purposes?

–Alexis Abrahamsen

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