Media surrounding Ugandan homosexuality bill

We Americans often take for granted our rights.  One of those rights is very simple, and that is safety.  Of course, you can’t assume to be safe everywhere you go, because violence in this country has remained steady.  However, we can assume that we won’t be targeted by the government or by professional organizations (such as the press).  This isn’t the case everywhere, as can be seen by an article written by CNN earlier this month detailing the targeting of homosexuals in Uganda.  The article published pictures and names of 14 gay men, in hopes that government action or violence will be taken against them.

This article is only a small piece of the anti-homosexual sentiment coursing through Uganda right now.  The government is in the process of trying to pass a bill to increasing the penalty for homosexuals and supporters of homosexuals, even implementing the death penalty.  Rallies have been held throughout the country in support of the bill.  The clip below comes from ABC’s coverage of the problem:

Media coverage of the issue has been extensive.  The first newspaper to speak out against what is happening in Uganda was The Sunday Times in South Africa, with several others following closely behind.

Uganda is not alone in its anti-gay sentiments.  Much of the African continent has laws in place against homosexuality, as the map below portrays.

It seems like the media all over the world could have a lot of influence in the matter, but how much?

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