How to Write Good Headlines for Twitter

Twitter is a useful social networking tool. Not only can people follow celebrities, athletes and friends, they can also get news they’re interested in by looking at headlines. There are some key steps a person should follow when wanting to write a good headline:

The headline should be useful to the reader
The headline should provide the reader with a sense of urgency
The headline should convey the idea that the main benefit is unique
The headline should do all of the above in an ultra-specific way
Use power verbs
You MUST deal with the space given, which is only 140 characters. You need to cut, edit, and repeat, until you reach what you’re trying to say.
Don’t mislead readers in any way

Victoria Harres Akers, director for PRNewswire, says that in order for a headline, especially on Twitter, it should follow this format: subject verb object. She always says that the best tweets use the fewest and most relevant words.

There is the 80/20 rule when it comes to headlines in general. Eight out of 10 people will read the headline, but only two out of 10 people will go on to read the content. So when writing your headline for Twitter, make sure it is something readers will want to keep on reading!

Nick James, a copywriter, made a YouTube video on how to write killer headlines:

Justin French, a CEO, made a YouTube video about using Twitter for business news and writing relevant headlines.

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