Effective Multimedia Journalism

Image created by: Rivendale Creative Marketing.

Journalists are beginning to use multimedia stories more and more to present a multi-faceted story to their readers. Rather than readers researching more information about an article on their own, journalists can now present all information while keeping their reader focussed on the writer’s work.

Ronald Yaros, an assistant professor of multimedia journalism at the University of Maryland, College Park, has studied the effectiveness of multimedia journalism. According to Yaros, there is one, main key to an effective multimedia story.

“To keep readers’ attention and enhance the audience’s understanding, it’s critical that each ingredient in a rich multimedia stew is placed precisely where it makes the most sense,” Yaros said.

Yaros published the article “Mastering Multimedia” for the American Journalism Review in 2009. The article lists and explains different tips for journalists when creating a multimedia story.

For general information about multimedia, visit Bing dictionary for the definition and more links.

-Emily Huber

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