Twitter – A Tool of the Trade

So much for the same old newsroom, now reporters are “tweeting” ledes in 140 characters or less. One hundred forty is the maximum number of characters per “tweet” on and just the right amount to give readers a taste of breaking news. It’s also the basis of a new avenue of journalism known as “Twitter Journalism.” Reporters are using the site to connect with others in the industry, allowing them to share research and story ideas.

In an interview for Poynter Online, John Cutter, senior editor of online news for the Orlando Sentinel said, “It isn’t the potential of breaking news alerts that interests me on Twitter, I think it is the micro-blog possibilities — either at an event like the shuttle, or if one of our bloggers could extend his or her blog community to the Twitter community.”

Twitter is also a great way for journalists to connect with new audiences, particularly those interested in communication and technology. Twitter Journalism is supported by websites like which provides articles on everything from “10 Pros and 10 Cons of Twitter for Journalists” to “How to verify a tweet.”

If you’re interested in browsing some real life news tweets, check out the twitter pages of The New York Times and CNN or watch this video by Fox news.

– Samantha Kopet CJ222

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