Facebook – A Journalist’s New Resource

Social media are not only used as a resource for journalists, but they also help determine credibility.

The Facebook icon.

There has been a continuous increase in the number of journalists on Facebook. They are joining for both personal and business reasons. Kelly Wilson quoted journalist Laura Schwab in her 2008 article In Your Facebook in American Journalism Review.

“Facebook is now used by journalists for themselves as well as in their profession,” said Schwab.

Social networks allow people, who wouldn’t be able to otherwise interact. “For journalists that means contacting others for ideas and support on tough assignments or connecting with editors for advice and job opportunities,” said Wilson. Also, there are groups created for different journalism organizations that give opportunities to fellow journalists.

Because many journalists are joining Facebook, it brings up the idea of credibility. Rory O’Connor addresses the issue in his article Facebook Journalism on The Huffington Post. O’Connor reaffirmed that Facebook plays a role in sharing credible news by saying that people tend to trust news from friends.

When someone sends you news on Facebook, they are recommending that you engage in it, so you are more likely to review the news. Journalists are able to engage people on Facebook and encourage them to share their findings with friends.

Additionally, it provides easy access to the news by presenting it to them on a web site that they are already on. But some companies prefer to keep findings on their company web pages. To address this issue, a new product, Facebook Connect, was launched to allow people to visit Facebook from a company’s website.

If “journalists” is searched on Facebook, many options pop up including The Society of Professional Journalists. Here they give a brief overview of their organization and offer stories and tools that their followers can use. For example, they posted an article on a writeboard, which is a free web tool that makes it easier to work together on a project.

By joining journalism clubs and organizations, journalists have more opportunities to work with each other and the public.

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