Is Wikileaks building journalistic stepping stones?

If you haven’t heard of Wikileaks yet, then you haven’t kept up on the news.

Unless of course, Wikileaks is redefining what news could be.

If Wikileaks is revealing information that the government is trying to conceal, they are succeeding in investigative journalism.

However, it’s difficult to fight for a website’s right to claim a title as a journalistic website and free speech when at the same time, it is also accepting documents stolen from the government and allowing a possible breach of United States security.

It seems like major news sources such as CBS News or CNN are making warnings of the possible security breaches and foreign disputes that could form as a result of documents Wikileaks has released, when they should be realizing the power it has in journalism.

It’s true that Wikileaks, if considered journalism, is not the nicest form or journalism, but it may be a step in the right direction.

This is not a new idea. Wikileaks application to journalism was noticed as far back as August.

It seems the very websites covering the Wikileaks scandals are the same websites that people often complain about for being bias, bought-out, or taken over by entertainment. It could be possible that people will eventually look for other forms of Wikileaks to emerge as news sources.

Some people like news for what news is currently understood to be. It is made to be attractive, and related to peoples’ interests, especially when it relates to the entertainment industry. This is exactly how news sources become the very same things that people also complain about when it comes to unreliable news sources.

That’s why the internet has integrity. The internet is a free press, it may become the only source that is real, and not bought out. Internet journalism can actually fight news for “interest” with news for “integrity.”

Would you rather have “pretty” news delivered to you by highly-influenced companies, or have minature “Wikileaks” sprouting about the internet?

If the government continues to decide how secret its secrets will be, this would be the first real chance for the general public to decide what is secret.

It may be disputable whether or not Wikileaks can be considered journalism, but it may certainly be laying a foundation for online journalism in the future. The world may bring down Wikileaks, but until other news sources become credible or reliable enough to reveal the things we want to know, the concepts supporting Wikileaks could outlast its name for years to come.

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