The I-Pad could become a main source of news

Steve Jobs unveiling the I-Pad

Rupert Murdoch has been working with Apple to create a publication called, “The Daily.”

The news publication would be a merger between Murdoch’s news company, News Corp, and the technology giant, Apple.

Murdoch, and Apple CEO, Steve Jobs are ready to unveil their “newspaper,” to the I-Pad. “The Daily,” customers will have to purchase the newspaper using an I-Pad application. Each edition of the newspaper will cost 99 cents.

The bad news for some consumers is that “The Daily,” will not have a website. It also will not offer a print edition of the newspaper.

Women’s Wear Daily said, the publication will have, “a tabloid sensibility with a broadsheet intelligence.”

Jobs has some of his engineers at Apple working with the technology to make the transition a smooth one. Also, Murdoch reportedly hired about 100 journalists to manage as well as run the publication. The publication is set to debut in early 2011.

Jesse Angelo, former managing editor for the New York Post, is said to be Murdoch’s choice to oversee the publication.  The New York Post is also owned by Rupert Murdoch.

After seeing studies of how people are more interactive with news on their tablets, Murdoch believes the publication will be good for people who don’t have time to sit and read a newspaper or website.

By the end of 2011, Murdoch would like to see sales for “The Daily” application to be about 5 percent of the I-Pad market.

Journalist Ben Parr says Murdoch is starting to realize that consumers want digital experiences that they can dive into and be interactive. Parr notes, the future of news is not in print, which Murdoch’s competitors have not yet taken advantage.

Although “The Daily,” may take off and become very successful, Parr says that people will still use other methods to get their media news from and consumers will just add “The Daily,” to their other sources of news.

-Dan Peterson

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