Twitter and Journalism

Many people have turned to Twitter for means of getting news about their company out to the general public. How useful can communication limited to 140 characters be for serious journalism? According to the Read Write Web website, it turns out that the short messages you find on Twitter have been effective for writers working on longer articles.

Journalists are using Twitter to engage with their audience, connect with sources and continue building their personal brands. The 140-character format forces writers to focus their attention and get to the point quickly. But this isn’t just sound-bite style reporting.

Knowing that people who have twitter have access to all of this information about companies around the world is a great way to get the attention of the public and being active with the certain organization. By clicking on their tweet, or on the companies twitter account, the people now have access to all of the tweets that have been disbursed within the last few months, and it really catches them up on the news of this company.

Sometimes the tweets can get read wrong, and if the company makes mentions or direct messages and people don’t know what those are and how to read them, it can get a little confusing.

Even though some people might not always know how to use Twitter, it is a very effective way for people to get familiar with the company and events that are happening within.

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