Wikileaks: The search for truth gone too far?

The website may is one of the newest and most controversial journalistic tools to ever come about.

The brainchild of Julian Assange, an Australian activist, Wikileaks specializes in finding

Julian Assange

classified government documents and releasing or leaking them to the public.

Wikileaks first gained notoriety by releasing footage of an American AH-64 Apache helicopter firing on and killing what are later revealed to be civilians and camera men for Reuters. The video titled Collateral Murder (video contains graphic footage) has reached over 7 million views and has led to further discussion about

On July 25th they leaked 75,000 documents from the Afghanistan War called the Afghan War Diary. On October 22nd they followed it up with the Iraq Warlogs, over 400,000 documents available to anyone with a computer.

Throughout it’s existence Assange has argued that his website is not only legal but is necessary to understand what is really happening in the War against Terrorism.

What do you believe? Does Wikileaks cross the line in the search for truth in Iraq and Afghanistan or is the leaking of classified documents harmful to America and it’s soldiers in combat? Join the discussion and comment below.

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