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PR professionals need journalism skills

When I declared my major, Public Relations, my advisor showed me the required classes. The first one that caught my eye was Communications and Journalism 222: News Reporting and Writing. My initial thought was “what does news reporting have to … Continue reading

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Accuracy Vs. Speed in Media Reporting

Major news corporations are constantly competing against one another to be the first to have the fastest breaking news reports. This need to be the first has caused some reporters to become less accurate in their reporting. Accuracy is the … Continue reading

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Blogging is the new alternative for journalists

The role of Blogging is as much as important as it is in the print news media. With the advance in the world of technology especially the growth of internet users, sharing news and information has come to many alternative … Continue reading

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How important accuracy is in journalism

Many people believe that journalism is a very easy job and that anyone can do it, but they don’t realize all the work that goes into it.  Being accurate in all of the articles journalist write is one of the … Continue reading

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Tips for Making a Story Interesting

Whether you are writing an exciting story about a celebrity or a boring city council meeting, it is important to gain the interest of your audience.  If you cannot keep a reader interested, they will not read your story.   Why … Continue reading

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Reporters Offer Writing Tips

Writing news doesn’t have to be difficult.  “Do your homework,” said marketing coach Sean Mize.  Don’t just report. Prepare beforehand in order to cover all angles of the story.  Use a variety of sources and check them to make sure … Continue reading

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Reporter Crossing Boarders (Literally)

Can journalists go too far? In the case of Laura Ling and Euna Lee, crossing into North Korea was too far. On March 17, 2009, Ling, a Chinese-American, and Lee, a Korean-American, were detained when they accidentally entered North Korea. … Continue reading

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