Did WikiLeaks go too far?

Swedish authorities withdrew an arrest warrant for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Julian Assange

Julian Assange, the chief of WikiLeaks, is threatening legal action against The Guardian, a British newspaper, over a book written by two journalists employed by The Guardian.

According to The Hindu News Julian Assange is upset by the “malicious libels” against him, claiming he is “callous and single-minded” as well as how far the book delves into his personal and work life.

The irony of this is uncanny as only a few months ago Julian Assange was fighting for his organizations right of free speech after WikiLeaks leaked out government secrets involving foreign relations. Assange argued that it was the publics right to know the leaked information as well as the presses responsibility and right to leak such information out.

Mr. Assange was also reportedly upset with The Guardian after reporting on two alleged sexual assaults placed against him by two women in Sweden, although the arrest warrant for Mr. Assange was later withdrawn. The irony in this again is uncanny as again Julian Assange attacks a newspaper, and a well renowned one, for doing its job and reporting the news to the people.

This is surely only damaging Julian Assange’s reputation and credibility as well as WikiLeaks credibility and argument for releasing the government secrets.

How do you feel about Julian Assange now and what he stands for? How do you feel about WikiLeaks and its credibility, as well as its message, and case for leaking out government secrets?

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