News War

News War

In our technologically driven society, the way of getting news is changing drastically from just 10 short years ago. Receiving news in the palm of your hand is no longer a luxury, but a common daily occurrence. With easy access to the internet via smart phone, I pod, lap top, or a desk top computer, news is no longer in the form of just written paper.

The patience for reading the morning newspaper is going out the window. Andrew Keen says  this reflects citizens’ laziness, impatience, and narcissism. Society is expecting that searching the web for news should be free and newspapers should make little to no profit. If journalists are not being paid, then anyone could be considered a credible source.

Studies have been done and newspaper circulation in 1993 was 58 percent, in 2006 it was at 40 percent. The decline of circulation is on a steep slope. This radical decline also includes viewers for news programs, as well as radio for news sources.

Young Americans are the future of this country. They are most likely to get no news at all, with 27 percent of people under 30 reporting they get no news on an average day. This generation is technologically driven. These people are savvy enough to receive news from all different types of technology and are clearly deficient in receiving news. What is our fate of this country?

While studies, statistics, and trending views believe that print media is on a spiraling decline, William Ray believes otherwise. He writes for a news paper and sees the declining interest society has in print media. He purposes that newspapers take on the job of providing more intelligent, thoughtful and even controversial opinions in articles. He believes that this will keep print media in the picture.

The fate of print news, however, rests in the hands of society. No one can predict what will happen and when it may happen. Even if statistics point in a particular direction, can society single handedly change the future of news?

By: Catherine Barclay

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