Huffington backs citizen journalism approach

Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post spoke to Greg Sargent of The Washington Post about her plans to use her online publication to support “citizen journalism” to cover a vast array of views and opinions during the 2012 presidential campaign through her recently sold website.

Huffington has coined the phenomenon as “Jeffersonian”, as she hopes to use AOL’s network of sites to allow coverage to extend to a “granular level”. Greg Sargent quotes Huffington expecting the change to see “Thousands and thousands of people covering the election. Covering the Repulicans. Covering the Democrats. Just being transparent about it.”

Reuters has critically questioned the perhaps costly future of the Huffington Post after being acquired by AOL, yet it is clear that Arianna Huffington has high aspirations for the new change and seeks to make a statement with the new ownership taking a more community based approach to events such as the 2012 campaign. In an ever-increasing online world, this may be just what aspiring journalists need to get noticed.

By allowing more young journalists to be involved and having more people than ever covering every aspect of the 2012 campaign, there is going to be a wide spectrum of views readily available to readers. This is an intriguing aspect of news coverage in the future of journalism and will hopefully allow fresh voices to find the light of day.

My question to you is how exactly does this incorporation of citizen journalism into 2012 campaign make you feel? Are you excited about this new frontier of online community journalism or is this something to worry about?


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