Domino Effect?

Egypt, as you may know, is going through some political unrest. Muhammad Mubarak has been president for 30 years. After 30 long years, the people had enough and started to protest.

The final straw was when a 28 year old man was beaten to death by police. The people of Egypt, still fired up about this man’s death, decided to hold a protest in the government square for national police appreciation day.

Ayman Nour’s Ghad (Tomorrow) party members spread the word to others of the protest on police day via Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Youtube, email, text and phone.

The word spread to more people than they could of imagined. As of mid day February 1st, they had 200,000 people protesting in the square.

This revolution attempt is all stemming from technology. The oppression of the people by the government became intolerable. While this was happening, Wikileaks educated them on the truth and fueled a lot of the fire to the protesters.

This is the second country to revolt in two months and they both used the same methods to communicate and coordinate — social media. They both got their information from Wikileaks, they both were oppressed, and they both did something about it.

Shadi Taha, 32 year old activist member said “But the Tunisian tsunami gave everyone hope…and from there it just snowballed.”

Is there a trend here? Is social media and the availability to educate yourself and communicate to others stirring up social change or just speeding it up? Who’s next?

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