Journalism by definition is reporting, photographing, and also editing news for any of the mass medias is considered to be journalism. These three elements are the elements that push journalism around the world. With these three elements everyone worldwide is able to hear, see, or read about news going on anywhere in the world.

Journalism is an important part of everyone’s day. Think about how many times you are using journalism. Do you read a newspaper in the morning; or maybe even throughout class when your suppose to be paying attention? Do you wake up and turn on the news to see exciting events going on in the world around? Or is your choice of finding news the internet? There is a multitude of places on the internet to find news and information that will help anyone trying to find out whats happening in the world around them. This is why journalism is so important to everyone throughout the entire world. There is the people who make the money for doing the journalistic traits and others reap the benefits of their labor and get to learn about interesting facts without even leaving the comfort of their own homes.

So I ask you, the reader, how important is journalism to you throughout your day? Try to keep a log of how many times you are using journalism or being exposed to journalism. It can be a voluntary action or an involuntary action either way my assumption is that you will be logging in quit a bit more times than you may expect.

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