Reporters Without Borders

In many countries, being a journalist is a life-threatening endeavor.  Reporters Without Borders has been fighting for press freedom worldwide, in the name of journalism, since 1985. 

According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, 44 journalists worldwide in  2010 alone were killed purely for practicing journalism and attempting to tell the world the truth.  This only includes deaths with a confirmed motive, meaning that it is known they were killed because they were journalists.  Countless others were killed inadvertently or for unconfirmed motives.

The organization has helped journalists in revolutionary ways, both monetarily and physically:

  • Reporters Without Borders defends journalists who are being imprisoned for their work, making  the rest of the world aware of their poor treatment.  
  • The organization fights to keep press freedom alive and prevent censorship.
  • Monetary support is provided through the organization for approximately 100 journalists and media outlets in need, including the families of imprisoned journalists.
  • Reporters Without Borders has helped to make journalists’ jobs safer, focusing on journalists working in war-ridden areas.  The organization has managed to have such an influential effect because it is an international organization with many offices in countries around the world.

In addition, all reports associated with the organization are available in five languages at the website This helps to make people worldwide aware of issues affecting journalists.

Freedom of the press does not come without a price. It must be fought for, year after year in some countries.  Reporters Without Borders is the army behind journalists, supporting them as they work to uncover and expose the truth.

Yet this effort in the name of journalism should not only be an effort on the part of Reporters Without Borders; everyone can contribute to the goal.  Awareness is a huge step in the direction of prevention, especially in issues involving the mistreatment of journalists.

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