Are Facebook Ads Effective?

We all know that Facebook has ads galore. You sign into your account, and boom! There they are! You can’t be on Facebook for hardly any time at all without seeing multiple advertisements. The effectiveness of these ads has been in question since Facebook hit the market in 2004.
Commonly, these ads are even tailored to fit a recent status update or a keyword that came up in a chat log between you and a friend. This brings up a new question; is the way ads are tailored to the tastes and preferences of specific users an invasion of privacy? The answer to the question can vary greatly from person to person, but my opinion is that the answer is no. And, invasion of privacy is not the important question, the important question lies in judging the effectiveness of these ads.
So, how effective are these ads? Katie Miller, an avid Facebook user said, “I usually ignore those ads, but when I do notice them I realize that they are very personalized.” And, Krista Falk, who uses Facebook very often says, “Facebook gives me ads that I actually pay attention to.” I know that I personally pay attention to Facebook ads more than most any other internet ads, because I know ahead-of-time that the ads are bound to pertain to my interests.
And now, with even more opportunities for advertisers to have their ads hit the target market right on as of late, these ads should become even more effective. (See and
All in all, Facebook ads are effective because the ads that we see when we log in to our Facebook accounts are relevant to us.
Still, what do you think? Are Facebook ads an invasion of privacy, and more importantly, are Facebook ads an effective advertising medium for advertisers?

Photos are courtesy of Michael Falk and Facebook.

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2 Responses to Are Facebook Ads Effective?

  1. brandileigh1025 says:

    I have noticed that more and more ads are popping up lately on facebook, and if you accidently scroll over it, you’ll end up right at the site. To me it is super annoying and I wish they didn’t have them on the site. But we can’t control everything.

  2. deaconar says:

    It is a little scary that the ads are tailored to what you have searched on the internet. Even though I don’t click on the ads, they do catch my eye especially if it is something I’m looking to purchase.

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