Inverted Pyramid in Journalism

People today are far too busy to stop and listen to what’s going on in the world. News has become something people feel should just be given to them on their time, at their convenience. To adjust to this fast paced lifestyle, journalism has adapted and grown into a form of writing that not only keeps the reader’s interest, but gives them the information they desire faster.

The Inverted Pyramid writing style is one the most commonly used forms of writing found in news. This style of writing is based solely on one single purpose; provide the reader with the news. Ken Blake, who has received a doctorate, explains that “When you write a story in inverted pyramid format, you put the most newsworthy information at the beginning of the story and the least newsworthy information at the end.”

The Inverted Pyramid

The Inverted Pyramid

The “Five W’s and H,” or who, what, where, when, why and how, should all be answered as early in the story as possible. This allows the reader to get all the information they want right away.  If they choose to not finish reading the article, this would this would still leave the reader with a solid understanding for what majority of the article was about.

After the “Five W’s and H” have been answered, the rest of the article is simply providing other facts to go along with the story, or support what has already been said.

The Inverted Pyramid style allows the reader to gain the most crucial information within the first couple of paragraphs and not have finish the entire story. Does not knowing the entire story and just having a base of important facts allow people to become more educated or have more knowledge of the world? Or does having just the basic information about a story qualify enough as “News” for this to not be addressed?


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  2. kriyaoberoi says:

    exactly defination……..

  3. Crissy says:

    A simple and integlilent point, well made. Thanks!

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