Blogging: Journalism Tool of the 21st Century

Journalism is constant and ever changing. From print newspapers, to radio and to television broadcast, journalism has always found its niche. And in today’s technological world journalism is carving its place in a new form: blogging.

Blogging is an online tool used in many ways; to maintain a diary, to tell a story and to share and report news. We find blogs on sites such as WordPress and Blogger. For journalism it is a tool to share more news and stories beyond the daily or nightly news report. Reporters such Katie Couric and Brian Williams both use blogs as tool in their journalism profession.

The idea of a blog according to Reporters Without Borders Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-Dissidents, blogs:

  • contains mostly news
  • is regularly updated
  • is in the form of a diary with most of the posts also arranged into categories
  • are set up using a specially-designed interactive tool
  • are usually created and run by a single person

Organizations such as Reporters Without Borders and Project for Excellence in Journalism, use blogs to share their information with the public. These groups are able to use blogging as a tool to inform the general reader about situations and world events they might not otherwise be informed of. Blogging also gives users and journalists the ability to explain, express and show their meaning further with media options such as photo, web links and videos.

So when it comes to blogging there are a few basic tips journalisms should follow.

Reporters Without Borders Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-Dissidents suggests these tips to making your blog shine:

  • A Unique and Personal Voice: Make the blog your own and people will want to hear the stories that are real to the blogger.
  • Keep it Current: News is constantly occurring, make readers want to come to your page to read the news.
  • Connect With and Empower Readers: Engage readers in your blog, through feedback, polls and enabling comments.
  • Tell Truth to Power: Have the courage to stand up for your story, that is power in itself.

So after reading these tips, do you feel empowered? Do you feel like blogging is here to stay or is it simply another media outlet for news that will eventually wear away? And if you have a blog do you make it shine?

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One Response to Blogging: Journalism Tool of the 21st Century

  1. teknophilia says:

    Have you read “Iron Sunrise” by Charles Stross? It depicts a future where bloggers wind up being the only reliable sources of information, with major media outlets proving unreliable.

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