Sports Journalism and Twitter

Generally, sports journalists have to dig to uncover revealing sports stories, but in the weeks leading up to Super Bowl XLV, several headliners have been handed out through the social media outlet Twitter.

Since its creation, just under five years ago, Twitter has grown at exponential rates, and now services over 75 million users. Due to this fact, many celebrities and athletes have used their Twitter accounts as a means to interact with their fans.

Some athletes, however, have realized that the flow of their unfiltered thoughts through Twitter can have some consequences.  Sometimes, in the heat of the moment athletes quickly post emotional thoughts and feelings on Twitter, forgetting that millions can analyze their thoughts.

Prior to the Super Bowl, a couple of injured Packers players explained their disappointment in being held out of a team photo through their Twitter pages.  Had these complaints been given privately to the Green Bay Packers organization, it probably wouldn’t have been a huge story, but because they were released to millions through Twitter, it was one of the bigger stories leading up to the Super Bowl.

In order to be prepared for the possible headlines delivered through Twitter, sports journalists who haven’t already joined Twitter should consider joining to follow the many athletes who post on a regular basis.

Michael Even

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