Media Bias: Acceptable or not?

As if writing a good story wasn’t hard enough already, news reporters must make their stories fair to both sides of the situation. In recent news seen in mainstream media, however, news coverage shares a prejudiced view.

Journalists try to avoid using bias in stories, unless it is an opinion piece. Although media across the country wish to incorporate more diversity, adding opinion does not always help the cause and can even lose reporters their jobs.

Gallup survey

As seen in the graph above from Gallup, a trend of only one-third of the people surveyed believe the news media are just about right. That fraction looks as if it is headed even smaller.

Merriam- Webster suggests media bias comes in many different forms such as:

  • Liberal bias
  • Conservative bias
  • Racial bias

While Fox News reports with a conservative bias, MSNBC stays liberal. Yet Fox News states it is doing well financially. So conservative bias may bring bank, and who doesn’t want to make profit these days?

The liberal bias seen in MSNBC, as well as in CNN, proves that bias does not come from just one angle. Despite lower financial status, these companies continue to stand for their opinions. Other media struggle to stand against these top names in a fight for coverage.

Reporters should avoid the appearance of not being objective. People trust the media, and when bias inserted into stories interferes with an important message, the audience loses respect for the medium.  As long as the news is being reported, the media should be able to continue its efforts.

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