Blogging is the new alternative for journalists

The role of Blogging is as much as important as it is in the print news media. With the advance in the world of technology especially the growth of internet users, sharing news and information has come to many alternative methods such as blogging.

Long time ago, we can only be connected with information and current issues through the printed newspaper. Now that we are in the 21st century, the fast growing culture of technology users provide us many options to choose on how we want to gather or publish our information.

Journalist blogging can give you many advantages, it trains you to be a competent journalist and have all the flexibility to edit the content in it. Blogging also gives you the freedom to publish whatever you want without any rejection that you might have if you try to publish your story on a newspaper. But most of all, blogging can give you many social connections especially with all the features in the blog such as twitter and Facebook that can be attached to your blog page.

One thing that really advantageous for the users is that blogging can cost almost no amount of money at all. These days, there are many free blogging service such as or Such advantage can be an encouragement to users to publish their work without have to worry about the costs.

To be a good journalists these days require many knowledge and skills that are not limited only to print media or broadcast but also the internet media as well. Blogging is definitely one of the best alternatives for every journalist to challenge themselves and be creative about their works.

Here is some ideas why it is important to blog for journalists.

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One Response to Blogging is the new alternative for journalists

  1. Abby N. says:

    I wrote my post on how newspapers are declining so this is a good post that talks about some alternatives for those in journalism. Do bloggers make money though?

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