How important accuracy is in journalism

Many people believe that journalism is a very easy job and that anyone can do it, but they don’t realize all the work that goes into it.  Being accurate in all of the articles journalist write is one of the hardest things that they have to do.  If you are not accurate in all of your articles, people will start to think that you are not news worthy and will no longer follow you.  If you were to post a huge story, and it turned out to be a “fake” story, not only could you get in a lot of trouble with the company you are working for, but you could also damage someone’s reputation along with yours. While reading an article about how important accuracy really is, they talked about accuracy with speed.  Its surprising to see that accuracy trumps speed because most people are under strict deadlines.  This makes it even harder for a journalist because not only are they under deadlines, but they have to make sure that everything is accurate in their article by rereading it a number of times, and checking out their sources. Here is an article all about the importance of accuracy in journalism, and it should help people get a better understanding of how important it really is.  All people going into the journalist field should realize this, and that is why I encourage everyone to read this article. Along with the article, here is a video that explains how a journalist was destroyed because his articles were wrong.  By not being accurate about what you are writing about, this could happen to you. Lastly, here is a picture that could help people make sure that journalists are being accurate while writing an article.

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