Decline in Jobs for Journalists

The job market seems to be getting smaller as the economy is declining in America.  Journalists and future journalists are one of the many jobs that are declining the most.  With technology taking over many of the jobs that used to be done manually, journalism jobs are slowly being lost.

According to the BLS, from Louise Tutelian’s online article, a whopping 4,400 jobs will disappear by 2018 (out of 69,400 total in 2008).  That is print news alone. 


“It is believed by 2018, broadcasting is expected to lose 2,400 radio and TV announcer jobs” explains Tutelian in the article. With more advance technology, original news team of 6 or 7 members are turning into a news team of 3 or 4 members.

Technology and economic stress are both contributors to the loss of jobs.  The contributing factors are making news stations demand more from journalism students, who should be able to write, record, and use technology to make a better story.

With the audience demanding more from the Internet and Media technologies, how will the stress of finding a job straight out of college be for up and coming journalists?

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