Journalism and Entertainment

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and other forms of satirical news, is changing where viewers look for their information.

Stewart was selected, in a 2009 online poll administered by Time Magazine, as America’s number one trusted newscaster, after the passing of Walter Cronkite.

Because more viewers are looking for entertainment in their news, people question the quality of information these individuals are getting.

Is The Daily Show with Jon Stewart good for democracy?

Regardless, the show continues to improve its ratings with younger viewers. In 2010 it was one of the most viewed late night talk shows for men and women between 18 and 34.

Jon Stewart is a comedian, and The Daily Show is primarily satire, but it is not restricted to comedy. The final show of 2010 affected the voting process of the 9/11 health bill.

People are viewing news differently because they multitask. They scan instead of reading. They put on their socks, eat breakfast, and drink coffee all while watching the morning broadcast.

Entertaining news may not be the best way to get information all the time, but it can be useful. These entertaining shows can help viewers remember the information because they are enjoying it.

Journalism is continuing evolving. Because of blogging and the continuous development of smart phones, anyone can essentially be a journalist.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is another type of medium in a world filled with media.

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