Journalism and Courageous Reporters

Good reporting makes for good stories, courageous reporters put their lives on the line to deliver factual news to the world.

Missing reporters in foreign countries has been a popular occurrence in global news in the past decade, as well as jailed and beaten reporters and journalist. Reporters are constantly putting their lives on the line to give the people the true facts.

A 33 year old reporter, Jack Shenker, from The Guardian was in Cairo Egypt last month, when he was beaten, driven miles outside of town where he and the others in the truck escaped. While in the back of a truck with other beaten people, Shenker was reporting the events onto an audio recorder. Shenker was able to upload this broadcast to the internet as soon as internet access was available to him.

Shenker talked several days later with another reporter of the events that he encountered, giving a more detail description of the events before and to follow his recorded events in the back of the truck.

Shenker is lucky to be alive and still with us today. There have been other reporters who have also found themselves in troubled situations trying to shine light on horrifying events.

Another Guardian reporter, Rory Carrol, was missing in 2005 in Iraq. He was thought to be kidnapped by armed men.

Carrol was covering the Saddam Hussein trial, a trial that was being monitored by millions of people all over the world.

Many reporters are now trained on how to deal with such scenarios. Especially when covering international stories, such as Shenker and Carrol. Shenker and Carrol courageous acts of journalism have kept the world informed about true events that happened.

Without reporters like these two, the news from foreign countries would all be rumors. The foreign government would issue statements telling the world one thing, and the exact opposite could be happening and the rest of the world would believe, because that is what they are told.

Being a journalist is about delievering the facts no matter if the journalist agrees or not with what is happening. That is exactly what Shenker and Carrol were doing. It can be a dangerous job but sometimes journalist just has to get in there and do what they do best, report and share the facts.

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