Dangerous risks of international reporting

Time and time again, the privileges of a democratic society and freedom of speech are underestimated.

Although, in the United States freedom of speech, and freedom of the press is protected under the rights of our constitution, it is not always true internationally, and for international reporters.  A recent example that comes to mind is the reporting coverage during the protests in Egypt.

Gregg Carlstrom, a reporter for AlJazeera, wrote of his experience in a feature story for the publication.  International reporting proposed risks not just from the government supporters, but also the protesters.

“One of them jabbed a knife into my chest, and the others formed a ring around me, yelling about how Egypt was not my country and I should leave,” said Carlstrom.

Despite the dangers, and unexpected conflicts that may arise, a journalist’s job is to provide news needed for the public’s ability to participate in a democratic society.  To take the risk, or not to?  That is the question.

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