Internet no threat to journalism

Many people are wondering if online journalism is going to replace traditional journalistic mediums like newspapers, radio, and television. I think Dan Rather’s says it best we he claimed, “Each new conveyor of news turns out to be added value and supplemental to what came before; Not replace it.” He means that many new mediums to deliver the news to the people have popped up over the years (such as the radio and television), but the internet doesn’t replace newspapers, it can add value and help traditional printed newspapers.

At first the web was low-cost and friction free way of distribution, but ten years later paying for reporting on the web remains discouraging. According to David Carr of The New York Times, “The reason that newspapers put all the white paper out on the street is that we get a lot of green paper back in return.”(To hear more of what David Carr has to say go to A_Vanishing_Journalistic_Divide_The_New_York). But according to Eric Alterman of The Nation, “Now, newspapers and powereful magazine franchises are shedding large numbers of editorial staff, even though most newspapers, like the network news, are in profit.” So, I feel, even though online journalism can be costly, newpapers and major news networks are still making a profit (even online).

I feel the internet is going to be a powerful news medium for some time; however I don’t feel that network news television, radio news broadcasts, and newspapers themselves will become just another thing of the past because of the internet. If anything I think the internet helps journalists in that you can find it all on the internet-video, photos, reviews, & links to other similar sites.

Reporting the news today requires a variety of talents in getting information from creditable sources because there’s a variety of mediums out there that provide solid news stories everyday (or almost every minute online). I feel, the more resources the better!

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