In my limited experience copy editing, the biggest thing I’ve noticed is that nobody is perfect.

Even the most experienced writers are still capable of mistakes. That makes a good copy editor a valuable piece to any newspaper. But how does a copy editor become a good copy editor? I found a few tips online.

[The] Copyediting process involves reading the content for English grammar, spelling, story, flow and understandability. It also involves checking consistency in visual design, testing links, and ensuring accurate reading.

On top of being a valuable piece to a newspaper, copy editors are also great starting positions for young journalists. Some editors may be hesitant to give  an unproven journalist writing assignments. Instead, they would prefer to give the assignment to the copy editors who have proven their knowledge of AP style and story structure.

Journalists right out of college shouldn’t be ashamed to take a copy editing position because it isn’t as glamorous as a position as an editor or as a beat writer. Copy editing is crucial to the success of any publication. After all, if those writers and editors were so great, would copy editors be needed to look over their work?

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