The Internet’s Affect on Media Consumption

The Internet has become an important tool to many Americans for gathering news. With it people can find everything from gossip on social media sites to breaking news. This has made many people question the sustainability of print media.

Go to and type in “Print media in America”. As soon as you type the “I” in “in” the possible results show, “Print media is dead”.  People are worried, form advertisers to newspaper stakeholders, according to the Washington Post. Most popular news papers in America today have an online version. These feature many of the same stories as their in print counterparts.

When I think about how I gather news, I would not say that I am an online consumer anymore than I am a print/news/TV consumer. I graze for news. If there is a newspaper nearby and I am bored I’ll scan it. I listen to radio news when I drive. I stop on the news channels when I’m surfing my television. With the Internet I can find those same broadcast, articles, and sound bites on my computer.  

The changes in news consumption may be partly due to social networking sites. It is common place for friends to share news they find interesting on social networks. By finding news on a social networking site, it’s likely that any further research would happen online. The Project for excellence in journalism is now recognizing blogs and social media sites as legitimate, but different, forms of media.

Despite the convenience of the Internet, traditional forms of media are not “dead” yet. The majority of people who regularly consume news use both forms of media. Click here for supporting articles.

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