Tips for Broadcast Journalism


“As a reporter you need to have the proper tone of voice when reporting your news story.” said Kelsea Wasung in her article “Reporting Using Voice.” The article goes on to say, if your voice is too monotone your viewers may get the wrong impression of the story and feel as though you are uninterested in the topic. It is very important for the reporter to give value and meaning to their words. Wasung points out that you need to add emphasis to certain words to let the viewer know what the key points of the story are.

If you raise your voice up and down frequently it could make the viewer perceive you as being unsure or doubtful of the information on which you are reporting. This is not something you want to have happen. You want to sound like you know your facts, that you are familiar with the material and have researched ahead of time on the subject so you are giving the audience the right information.

 “While a great face may help in TV and a fantastic voice won’t hurt in radio, broadcasters agree that it’s what’s between the ears that counts.” said Wendy Wallace in her article “Tips for Getting Started in Broadcast Journalism.” Wallace’s article goes on to say that you may need to start out small, possibly at a local station at first, but that is great practice for the future. Maybe one day you can make it into one of the big news companies.

 Below you will see a video clip courtesy of WEAU 13 News shot on Saturday, September 11, 2010. This clip shows the news anchor using proper voice and emphasizing the key words. She is also speaking in a smooth tone, her voice doesn’t drastically change in pitch, and she sounds friendly. The reporter who has the voice over while the video is playing is also demonstrating the proper technique of broadcast reporting, her voice is soft and almost comforting.

Images courtesy of Google Images and WEAU 13 News.

—Brandi Kinderman

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