Tips for Writing a Personality Profile

There are many different types of feature stories that you can write. The one that I find most interesting is the personality profile. Since we are going to be writing a

personality profile later this semester I thought it would be helpful to provide a few tips.

The biggest thing to remember when writing a profile is to write about someone you find interesting. These stories can be more creative and that’s why some journalists enjoy writing them.

Stephanie Rasch, a contributor to eHow, provides a few tips about interviewing, quotes, and angles.

  1. Prepare a lot of questions before the interview. Rasch says “‘Getting off topic’ may yield far better results than straight answers to your questions.”
  2. Another tip from Rasch, “Quote often. This is the subject’s story.” The more you engage your subject, the more interesting the story will be.
  3. “Look for creative angles,” says Rasch. Don’t just write about the obvious, dig deep and bring out something that is truly interesting about your subject. Maybe they have traveled to different countries to help the local people get back on their feet or maybe they overcame hardship. Remember that everyone has a story; it is just waiting for you to find it.

Now you have a few key tips for writing your personality profiles. By utilizing these tips you will be able to make your profile unique from all the rest. I hope this helps. Good Luck!

Rylee Inks

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