Revealing journalism truths

The internet has eliminated the need for mass media in this ever-changing world.

Professional journalism may still be beneficial but within the world we live today, there is no dependence upon a select group to focus information and news.

Truth #1: We are all journalists now.

Journalism is no longer a profession, it’s an activity. To participate in journalism, factual information must be communicated to an audience with the overall intent of being informative.

For example, journalism is like art; there are professionals and amateurs that differentiate merely by their ability to make a living selling their material, not by the quality or quantity of their work.

When the cost of giving information to the public was high, it was harder to participate in journalism. This was further limited because it required a connection to a news organization. Now, anyone can write a story or create a video and publish it on the Web almost immediately with many of the social networks and applications readily available. Anyone now can write a Facebook status, update their Twitter accounts or make a blog, yet there are many different standards to which they are held to in comparison to other forms of journalism.

Examples of these standards can be found on Poynter’s website:

Truth #2: The glory days of commercial mass media are over.

Now anyone can be a news source, meaning that major news outlets have to face new obstacles and challenges, with the most prominent being unlimited competition and accountability. Traditionally, newspapers, magazines, and broadcast networks competed among themselves.

Today, news organizations face competition from an infinite supply of information on the Web and must also battle the rise in the consumer’s increased control over what they read or watch. Unlike flipping channels or pages of a newspaper, browsing the Internet gives consumers control over what type of information they access more readily. Consumers are no longer tied to one paper or article as they can easily switch from one news website to the next fairly quickly.

Journalism is constantly changing and expanding; keeping up with it will be the new goal for upcoming journalists. With journalism always expanding, it will aid in keeping an active audience and will create new jobs as it continues to grow. With these benefits comes a catch twenty-two however, Journalists must always be on their toes ready for anything to change within their field.

Images courtesy of Google Images.

Video courtesy of You Tube.

-Rochelle Miller

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