Ethics of Journalism

Ethics can make or break a journalist.  It is the difference between a good journalist and a great journalist.  Someone who has good ethics would most likely make it further in their job.  If you don’t follow good ethics, it could help you write a great story, but end up getting into a lot of trouble for the story.  By not following these ethics, you could lose a lot of your followers for writing false items, or plagiarizing.

I found a website that explained the ethics of journalism.  It tells you how to be a good journalism while following the role of good ethics.  The things that it stated were: No plagiarism, disclose, no gifts or money for coverage, check it out, then tell the truth, and lastly be honest.  It states all the things that some journalists do to get to the top, but that it isn’t right.  You might be at the top for awhile, but you most likely will get knocked off if you decide not to follow the ethics of journalism.

I picked this website because it is very helpful, so I hope that it will help you out as well.

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