Print journalism’s memory recall is better than broadcast journalism

Print journalism might not last forever.  In fact, it may even disappear completely. With the invention of the Internet and broadcast news, readers have switched from newspapers to digital media, even tough it means not recalling all of the news.

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Why then, is broadcast journalism so important?  It’s because news consumers are no longer sitting and reading newspapers every morning. Society has become faster-paced which means sitting and reading is harder to do.  According to a 2007 news media report from Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, the Internet is more convenient for consumers to use, and many Americans believe the Internet to be a reliable tool for obtaining their news.  It allows for a more personalized touch as well as more easily accessed up-to-date news stories.

According to Recall of Television Versus Print News: Retesting the Semantic Overlap Hypothesis by Doctor Juliette H. Walma van der Molen, a Research Fellow at the University of Amsterdam, and Doctor Marlies E. Klijn, in the Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media,“print is inherently a better medium to convey news information than television, readers should remember more than viewers…” With this thought process, the common idea of print journalism being better should hold true.

In a 2004 test done by Walma van der Molen and Tom H. A. Van der Voort, professor of Child and Media Studies at Leiden University, college-age participants were exposed to similar types of print and broadcast journalism that had already been pre-deemed by researchers as “child” and “adult” levels of understanding.  Their research showed that the quality of broadcast reporting was causing a relapse in memory, which made print journalism recall that much stronger.  The doctors concluded that had the audiovisuals used in broadcast journalism matched with what was being reported, both broadcast and print journalism would have the same memory recall.

Even if both forms of media were completely equal, newspapers would still be suffering and will not be around for too much longer.  The USA Today article, Extra! Extra! Are newspapers dying?by David Lieberman says “nearly 67% of homes have an Internet connection.  That opens them to sites offering almost everything found in newspapers…”  Newspapers are more effective in reporting and aiding consumers’ understanding of news, so how will broadcast change to meet the standards of print?


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