Ethical journalism builds trust

In the fast paced world of journalism, ethics and standard codes of conduct are  important.  Well delivered and gathered material is necessary in being taken seriously as a valid source of information.  The audience needs a sense of trust in the media, which is why ethics is highly essential.

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 Code of Ethics 

The Society of Professional Journalism states that journalists must apply a standard code of ethics in their reporting. There must not be any “lurid curiosity” and they must show consideration to those  involved in the story. Sometimes, publications have a specific code of ethics they need to abide by. For example, The New York Times basic code of ethics specifically proclaims that there will be no paying for interviews, or no needless meddling into people’s lives.

Basic Principles

Basic regulations according to The Online Journalism Review would be that there is absolutely no tolerance for plagiarism.  A reporter must be completely honest and be able to tell the audience where they got their information from. The audience expects a reporter to be truthful, unbiased and straightforward with information. As reported by the Electronic Journal of the U.S. Department of State, “Media companies are restrained from disseminating reports that reflect solely their own biases and agendas.” However, this does not stop all of the media from inserting their values into news coverage. If a type of media tries to place biased beliefs into its reports, then media companies may run the risk of losing followers.

It is clear that the media has many guidelines that should be followed.  Ethics is a crucial part of great journalism and if ignored will lead to losing the public trust.

Emily Albrent

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