How to use LinkedIn for journalists

Get “LinkedIn” to most of the world’s journalists through a business-related social networking site. “Ninety-two percent of journalists have a LinkedIn account,” according to Kristin Piombino’s article. As social media sites are expanding, it is important to become involved in the most popular sites.

Using LinkedIn allows journalists and other professionals to promote their work, learn new trends, make new relationships and  more.

Promoting your work

LinkedIn can be used to promote and present a journalist’s personal and professional work. Ideas of work to be uploaded:

  • Blogs
  • Journal columns
  • Books
  • Web pages

It’s very simple; just upload the link and allow friends to view them.

Gathering new ideas

Viewing other profiles allows journalists to catch wind of popular new topics and trends.  LinkedIn also offers a search tool called LinkedIn Answers, which allows past topics and questions to be found and used to generate new beat ideas.

Creating new relationships

In order to gain readers, feedback, interviewees and potential job offers, it is important to make relationships. It is best to create trustworthy and reliable connections with co-workers and people who you know well in order to get the appropriate feedback needed in order to improve your work.

With the little effort it takes to create a profile and all the great features LinkedIn offers, it is hard to pass up.

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