Student journalists seek international opportunities

What’s your ideal career? A lot of professional reporters would love to work abroad. Interviewing all kinds of people in amazing cultures while experiencing another country—it’s like working is always a vacation. As young journalists, there are resources we have access to in order to achieve that goal.


One internationally known organization is AIESEC. It is completely run by students for students. It provides them opportunities to experience other cultures while gaining professional world experience.

The various chapters are organized within 2,100 universities in 110 countries, according to their website. Because of that, AIESEC is a comforting and efficient way to work abroad. Check with your university’s chapter to further this journey.

Often times, the journalism department at your university can provide you with connections as well. Speak with your professors and visit the career center if your college has one. Don’t limit yourself to just your university, though. Schools such as the University of Missouri and Northwestern University have prestigious journalism programs that can provide internships. Their websites contain useful information regarding studying journalism.

If you delve in deeper, you’ll find that Missouri has a page dedicated to jobs and internships. And Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism has a Global Journalism Residency Program that allows students to gain experience while gaining university credit.

There are also plenty of internships available without the help of an educational institution. is a place in which companies post positions in need. Jobs and internships are in abundance on this site—both abroad and in the United States.

One great resource solely directed at international internships is the International High Potential Network, also known as iHipo. Search “journalism” on the website, and you’ll find plenty of opportunities. Young journalists could intern anywhere from Russia to Moldova and India to South Africa.

International Journalism Organizations

Even after you have attained a journalistic position abroad, the resources don’t stop there! There are other associations that are designed to help you become a successful international journalist.

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The International Center for Journalists provides online courses, seminars, international exchanges and other programs to further promote successful journalism practices.

The International Federation of Journalists offers news updates on journalists abroad and aims to keep them safe in dangerous parts of the world.

The International Journalists Network also provides learning and job opportunities. It includes tips on how to improve your time as a journalist abroad.

Tuesday Wustrack

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