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Photos play key role in journalism

Photojournalism has been an integral part of journalism since the earliest days of the camera. Today, most events that are covered by the media can be viewed through pictures on the internet. Simply typing the words “photojournalism images” into a … Continue reading

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News sites teach readers to read online

News websites have created a very subtle standard which demands how the reader is drawn into news.  The information that a news site provides is not only readily available, but structured to fit the web environment.  It is this structure … Continue reading

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Manipulating photos in journalism

Let’s admit, with technology these days we can do some pretty neat things to alter photos. We can make ourselves look skinnier, fatter, prettier, younger, or older. We can turn an ordinary sunset into something out-of-this-world beautiful. But when does … Continue reading

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Debate rages over online content fees

Whether or not newspapers should charge for online content is an ongoing and exceedingly heated debate. As more and more publications contemplate their own obituaries due to lack of revenue, charging for online content looks more and more promising according … Continue reading

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New York Times paywall produces mixed results

Faced with shrinking print readership and anemic advertising revenue, The New York Times Company in March of 2011 launched its second attempt at controversial digital subscriptions for its online content with mixed results, say industry experts. The Bad The Times’ … Continue reading

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The student newspaper is not yet dead

Student newspapers are still widely read, according to a report from Alloy Media + Marketing.  The firm issued a survey to 1,200 students from 550 universities across 50 states. Even though professional newspapers are struggling for subscriptions, college newspapers are … Continue reading

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Opinions vary on ethics in undercover journalism

When it comes to undercover journalism it seems that the lines of ethical and unethical start to blur. It is important to research different views and opinions of undercover journalism and why it is or is not ethical. View from a … Continue reading

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