Recent decline in the newspaper industry

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In recent years the newspaper industry has experienced decreases in both its print usage and revenue. Many Americans are consuming the news via the internet. The internet offers a free way for almost anyone to access and read the news. Although certain newspapers have started to charge fees for the access of online materials.  Online news sounds like a convenient way to explore the news but could the internet be the end of newspapers?

The future of the newspaper does not look too promising. The overall net paid circulation of newspapers in the United States has decreased. According to the United States Census Bureau the daily total of newspapers net paid circulation has decreased between 1970 and 2008.The U.S. Census Bureau also shows over the past decade that the overall net paid circulation of the morning newspaper has increased. Even though the morning newspaper has increased its circulation over the past few decades the overall net paid circulation has decreased for newspapers.

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According to CNN: The Newspaper Industry in decline, a few newspapers that have already discontinued their papers include The Rocky Mountain News and Seattle Post Intelligencer. Other newspapers such as the Star Tribune, The Detroit News, and The Boston Globe are “seeing red.” Leonard Pitts Jr., Columnist at Miami Herald, said, during an interview, that newspapers are being read more than ever but in a different medium, online. Pitts said that the problem with the popularity of online news is that newspapers have not yet discovered a way to turn enough of a profit from the internet.

Today’s newspapers will need to make some substantial changes in the coming years in order to continue making a profit. It is hard to say whether newspapers will disappear completely or not. If newspaper revenue continues to decrease at the current rate it would not be outlandish to assume that within the next few decades the newspaper industry will undergo significant changes that will alter the way the world consumes news.

Morgan Euteneuer

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