The student newspaper is not yet dead

Student newspapers are still widely read, according to a report from Alloy Media + Marketing.  The firm issued a survey to 1,200 students from 550 universities across 50 states.

Even though professional newspapers are struggling for subscriptions, college newspapers are still reaching their readers.

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76 percent of students surveyed said they had read their school newspaper in the past month. More students read at schools with daily newspapers.

“The college newspaper continues to hold its value with students as a key source for news and information and despite growth in technology and new media options, we consistently mark very strong audiences who rely on this source to maintain a connection to their campus community and local happenings,” Samantha Skey, EVP Strategic Marketing, Alloy Media + Marketing, said in a press release from the company.

The study also showed that 73 percent of students look at the newspaper for advertising information, which shows that buying an advertisement in the local college newspaper will reach the demographic companies are looking for.

“For marketers hoping to connect with this demographic – a group whose spending power and influence show significant gains year over year – the study verifies the campus paper remains a strong component in effectively surrounding college students across all the relevant platforms that make up their daily experience on campus,” said Skey.

The study’s findings show support for college newspapers and their need to continue print based journalism instead of moving to online only.

College newspapers continue to reach the social media generation, unlike their professional counterparts who are struggling.

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