Fashion journalism demands passion

Fashion journalism is a broad term used to describe all areas of published fashion media. It includes fashion writers, fashion critics and fashion reporters. When working in fashion journalism you are responsible for following and reporting on the latest fashion designs or trends. The journalist does tasks such as covering fashion shows and attending related events in the industry. Not only does a person in fashion journalism attend industry events, they also need to have strong passion and a great deal of knowledge about fashion.

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To begin your career as a fashion journalist you should obtain a bachelor’s degree in fashion journalism, mass communications, English, or journalism. It is a must to gain experience in the fashion industry as well.

Prospective students choose courses such as fashion writing, art, fashion trends and product forecasting. Fashion journalism students are also encouraged to study abroad in cities known as the fashion capitals of the world. Also, students should become involved in numerous fashion workshops to gain more insight into the industry.  The completion of multiple internships at a magazine or newspaper is often required before being hired at a fashion magazine, according to the web site – This is the World of Fashion.

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Fashion is a cutthroat industry. Journalists, reporters, and critics will have to endure the challenges, stress and extremes amounts of pressure necessary before they have any chance of making it big at a newspaper like, The New York Times or a fashion magazine like, Harper’s Bazaar.

The fashion business takes an enormous amount of drive and commitment, as with any journalism career. But with a passion for fashion and immense writing talent, a potential journalism-fashionista could be born.

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