What role does news media have in PR strategic planning?

There is definitely a relationship between news media and PR. According to Corporate Watch, news media is a central vehicle for much of the PR industry’s message. PR practitioners tailor the message they are trying to convey and then use news media to deliver the message. News media delivers the news to the general public or the target public.
As PR needs news media, news media needs PR. News media relies on PR to fill empty air time on television and radio. Types of news media include print (newspapers and magazines), broadcast (television and radio), and the internet (blogs).
In the Domino’s Pizza Turn-around Campaign, Domino’s used television, radio, YouTube videos, blogging and newspapers to get the campaign message to people. Domino’s blog was only received by a small number of individuals but the TV commercials was recevied by a large number of people. News media helped the success of Domino’s.
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Wilson, L. J., & Ogden , J. (2008). Strategic communications planning for effective public relations & marketing. Dubuque: Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company.
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