What is Web Analytics? – Alexa Deacon

Web analytics is examining internet data to understand how consumers are using website. Analytics tell us what is happening but not why it is happening. An organization can track how often its website is being visiting, how often the organization is being searched for, etc. Web analytic tools take data and create useful charts, graphs and reports. Web analytics methods are quantitative. That is, analysts strictly look at the data.

Goals are created using web analytics where an organization can use specific numbers to improve something. For example, if you want to increase then number of visits there are to your website you can set a goal of 100 more visits per month. Monitoring the analytics let’s you know three things:

          1. Where you are at?

          2. Where do you want to be?

          3. How will you get there?

While monitoring, you can make adjustments to your goals or manage expectations.


The Eau Claire Jazz Festival wanted to increase the number of Facebook likes and Google searches for Eau Claire Jazz. By doing this, we had get the word out about our Facebook page and the Festival itself. Our goal was to reach a certain number of likes by the end of February. Each week we were monitoring the analytics. When we were falling behind we created a likable Facebook status or encouraged others to spread the word on the EC Jazz Festival. By the end of February, we reach our goal. 


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