Oral Genre Conversations – Interviews Purpose and Function – Josh Appel

Interviews can serve the purpose of providing information to the public. There is an interviewer and an interviewee, the interviewer asks the interviewee certain questions and the interviewee responds which can spawn more discussion and questions based on the topic. Before an interview is conducted the interviewer needs to do research so as to come up with appropiate questions that will engage and also expand on the topic that the interviewer is interviewing the interviewee on. In PR interviews can serve the function of sending a message to the public, promoting an event, and promoting yourself if you are celebraty like what is done in some talk shows to name a few.

An example of an interview being used in PR can be seen when the CEO of Toyota, Akio Toyoda, did an interview with Larry King after Toyota had to recall 2.3 million cars for faulty gas pedals. After appearing at a congressional hearing, Toyoda went on Larry King to do an interview regarding the matter and to again reasure Toyota’s consumers. The interview can be found here.


Smudde, P., & Courtright, J. (2012). Inspiring cooperation and celebrating organizations: Genres, message design and strategies in public relations. New York: Hampton Press, Inc.


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