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Exam Question

_________ are single, self contained websites created and used by one or more people who want to post text and photos about topics that are important to them.   A. Wikis B. Meetings C. Blogs D. Fliers Advertisements

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How can publics be combined effectively in PR? By: Hannah Walsh

There are a several different ways that publics can be combined for effective Public Relations. There are 3 questions you should ask when trying to find the most effective way to combine publics. First, you need to see which publics … Continue reading

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Is Twitter Journalism?

Journalism education is being transformed to include new technologies and new ways of reporting. Twitter is becoming more frequently used by reporters to quickly give news on events going on now, but is it considered journalism? Webster’s Dictionary defines journalism … Continue reading

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Is Journalism Still Yellow?

In the 1890s journalism and newspapers took a  turn for the dramatic. Journalists started to write eye-catching headlines about exaggerations of minor news, and yellow journalism was born. This type of journalism started with William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer’s … Continue reading

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