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Social media enhances sports experience

Today, social media has become another popular option used to enhance the sports experience for fans and journalists. In the Internet era, fans are able to find out more information about sports faster than ever before. Social networks give fans … Continue reading

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Media ownership influences public opinion

Today, only six corporations own all of the U.S. news media outlets the public consumes. General Electric, The Walt Disney Company, News Corporation, Time Warner, Viacom, and CBS Corporation own the majority of U.S. media. Rupert Murdoch owns News Corporation. … Continue reading

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Journalism demands accuracy in reporting

Accuracy is critical in news stories. Journalists need to provide information that is correct, and not exaggerate the truth. Ethical standards also must be met when reporting a news story. There have been issues with journalists breaching that trust. Journalists need … Continue reading

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Debate rages over online content fees

Whether or not newspapers should charge for online content is an ongoing and exceedingly heated debate. As more and more publications contemplate their own obituaries due to lack of revenue, charging for online content looks more and more promising according … Continue reading

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New York Times paywall produces mixed results

Faced with shrinking print readership and anemic advertising revenue, The New York Times Company in March of 2011 launched its second attempt at controversial digital subscriptions for its online content with mixed results, say industry experts. The Bad The Times’ … Continue reading

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Research shows uncertainty in news affecting public opinion

News is everywhere. It is unavoidable and people form their opinions based on what they see or hear. Several studies show a lot of research has gone into public opinions and news. The question, we wonder, is whether the news is … Continue reading

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Citizen journalists a part of media landscape

Citizen journalists in theory are the same as regular journalists except that they are not employed by a media outlet. The exact definition according to is, “the involvement of non-professionals in reporting news, especially in blogs and other websites.” Online … Continue reading

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